Security, theft deterrence, license plate recognition, video/audio recording, inventory control, controlled access, monitoring

Our professionally designed and installed systems utilize the most advanced technologies
to bring you the highest quality security, access control and video surveillance systems available   

Let us build a system to fit your specific needs

Complete security systems (sales, installation, service)
      - Most systems web accessible 24/7
      - 1 to 5 year limited warranty on parts and labor


System design is the most important step in providing a high quality system.  Our techs will assure you get the exact system to fit your needs. 

Evaluate your property:
Consider area of coverage, camera angles needed, lighting, obstructions of view.

Determine your resolution requirements:
Every system has a different purpose. Make sure you are getting the right camera and DVR  or NVR for what you are trying to capture.

Cabling needs:
Estimate cable distances from proposed cameras to recorder, trenching requirements or wireless. 

Consider system specifications:
Monitor size and type, frames per second, recording period.


Bagwell Entertainment (Knoxville, TN)
Bodycote (London, OH)
Blackbeards Cove (Charleston, SC)
Shelby County, TN
City of Nashville, TN
Embassy Suites (Columbus, OH)
First Management (Nashville, TN)
Ghertner and Associates (Nashville, TN)
Genesco (Nashville, TN)
Mallory Station Storage (Brentwood, TN)
Timmons Properties (Nashville, TN)
Zaxbys (Springfield, TN)